Business Profile: Wanda Hudson

Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Title and firm: Wanda Hudson is part owner of Juneau Fence and Fabrication, with friend Judy Dozier. Hudson also owns Hudson Apartments, formerly Dana Apartments, in the Lemon Creek area.

Services: Juneau Fence and Fabrication's primary business is to build wood and metal fences. But Hudson said the company will do "just about anything." She said the company already has completed jobs from dog kennels to garbage can cages to backyard decks.

Though Hudson's name is on the business license she leaves the actual construction work to her husband Michael, she said. But Hudson said she takes responsibility for the bookkeeping, billing, scheduling and general management of the office.

Background: Hudson has been in Juneau since 1974, which is when she left Pueblo, Colo. She arrived here and found word-processing work for the state Department of Commerce.

In 1989, she and her former husband Charles Dana, who died in 1999, opened the Dana Apartments in Lemon Creek. Hudson said he taught her business concepts and how to be a manager. The couple ran the complex until Dana fell ill. She had to learn quickly how to run the business alone as well as take care of her ailing husband.

After Dana died, Hudson inherited the business. She changed the name of the apartments after she married her current husband.

She and Dozier opened the fence and fabrication business in late September of this year.

Michael Hudson has extensive experience in construction including renovation and plumbing work. He also has been an iron worker.

Quotable: "Running these businesses has taught me to be very patient," Wanda Hudson said. "And with Chuck's help I learned how to run a business and how to keep tenants and customers happy. And I've learned a lot of life lessons through these businesses."

Family: Wanda and Michael Hudson have been married for a year. Hudson's children are Jerry Shook, 31; Patricia Paul, 36; and Cynthia Knott, 34,

Contact information: Juneau Fence and Fabrication is at 1936 Lemon Creek Road. Hudson can be reached at (907) 780-4897.

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