Continuing needs

Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Since the events of Sept. 11, all our hearts have gone out to the people of New York and of Washington, and we have, quite rightly rushed to support the recovery efforts in those cities. But all too often (as pointed on KTOO's Saturday Weekend Edition) that support has come at the expense of other worthy causes that have come to count on us. So, this is just a reminder that there are still as many homeless in need of shelter and a meal; still as many abused women and children in need of refuge; still as many dying of AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses who need a cure, comfort in their final days, and support for their loved ones; still as many children going to bed hungry, whether in Juneau, in the rest of our nation, or in the rest of the world (and yes, including Afghanistan); still as many who could make an important contribution with adequate education or training. And the arts are still as important to our intellectual growth, psychological well-being, and community identity.

Yes, support the recovery efforts for those devastated by recent events. But, whether through the United Way, your service organization, your church, or direct contributions, please continue to support those causes that have been important to you in the past and that remain important to all of us today.

Tom Melville


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