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Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Re: "Cathy helped bilingual education" (Empire, Oct. 22), I wonder why the writer of this letter, Allan D. Engstrom, didn't bother to identify himself as being Cathy Muñoz's brother?

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Cathy helped bilingual education

Also, I think you are letting your Republican (i.e., Murkowski) bias show just a little bit when you run three letters to the editor, all from Fairbanks residents, supporting the senator, in the printed Sunday (Oct. 20) edition, but relegate two letters from Anchorage supporting Fran Ulmer to the unpublished letters on your Web site in the Tuesday, Oct. 22 edition.

It might also help your credibility if you at least tried to give the perception of being unbiased in your presentations until such time as you publicly endorse candidates. Dare I take a wild guess and predict that the Empire will be endorsing Murkowski, Muñoz, and Weyhrauch (all Republicans), and maybe Kerttula (a Democrat), the latter only because you know she's going to win big anyhow?

Gordon E. Evans


Publication of the letters from Fairbanks was delayed while their authenticity was verified. The letters from Anchorage were not published last Sunday because they had not been received. Space in Tuesday's Empire permitted the publication of six of 16 letters (and one My Turn). Those letters that did not fit in print were posted on the Web site in order to get them before our readers as quickly as possible. Those letters appear in print today; we added a second Opinion/Viewpoint page to accommodate them. Letters generally are published on a first-come, first-served and space available basis. The selection and publication of letters are not linked to candidate endorsements. - Steve Reed, Managing Editor

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