Correct and courageous

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2002

For a candidate who is pledging in her campaign to bring us all together, Cathy Muñoz certainly seems to have attracted vitriolic supporters.

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Character, integrity

Monday's "Character, integrity" letter attacks Sen. Kim Elton for "having voted against the flag desecration resolution." Elton is a fellow Vietnam War veteran who, while offended by those who burn the American flag as a protest gesture, is rightfully wary of the government limiting free speech. Fortunately, Sen. Elton has respect for the First Amendment rights of all Alaskans. His lone vote in the Senate was both correct and courageous. That's real character. Real integrity.

Because I live on a state road, I am precluded by Alaska statute from displaying political signs on my property. Please allow me to share my virtual yard signs: Fran Ulmer for governor; Ernie Hall for lieutenant governor; Kim Elton for Senate; and Tim Gruessendorf for state representative. Thank you.

Don Birdseye


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