Present in Alaska

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I was driving to a meeting the other day and heard Fran Ulmer on a live radio call-in show. Folks were calling in with tough and challenging questions. As I continued to listen to the way in which Fran Ulmer addressed the issues I was struck by her intelligence and communication skills. However, what warmed my heart was her story about watching her daughter Amy struggle to copy materials for students when she was a student-teacher. The point is that the schools need additional funds for textbooks and classroom materials. Fran Ulmer's daughter chose to obtain her teaching degree in Alaska and in the process taught her mother a valuable lesson. By being fully present in Alaska, Fran Ulmer has learned many lessons about life in the Last Frontier.

I am a third-generation Alaskan with children born and raised here. I am encouraging my friends, family and strangers to vote for Fran Ulmer on Nov. 5. She is a smart, caring person who knows a lot about public policy, economics, Alaska resources and life. Fran Ulmer is a leader who deserves and has earned our support.

Rocky Plotnick


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