Alaska needs Murkowski

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Have you decided how you will vote for governor? If so, are you firm in that decision? If you're not sure, then please give what I have to say some thought.

Both mainstream candidates are perfectly good governor material and it is ill-mannered to exaggerate their weaknesses or positions. It is wrong to paint Fran Ulmer with Clinton negatives. Fran couldn't have known what a yahoo Clinton would turn out to be and was just doing her job as a Democratic Party representative at the convention.

There has been a lot of negative advertising aimed at Frank. Fran isn't doing much of this herself. However, the truth-be-damned functionaries in the Alaska Democratic Party seem eager for dirty work. They say he is anti-education because he voted against 11 education bills. Not said is that he voted for dozens of education bills and his overall record is pro-education. This is deception, pure and simple.

Neither Murkowski nor the Alaska Republican Party have said a cross word about Ulmer in print or TV ads. The only sour note was Murkowski's comment about Ulmer and subsistence in Anchorage last week. That was unfortunate, but still not as bad as Ulmer's attempt to make abortion an issue just before the primary election. That really smelled.

Manners matter. They offer a clue as to how the candidate will work if elected and how his or her supporters, soon to be in comfy state jobs, will operate. Frank, and his crew, have better manners than Fran's fans do and that is one reason I am going to vote for him.

Another reason is Frank's let's-make-it-happen attitude. Fran says "well, this deserves some study" and Frank says "let's get on with it!" Frank's attitude doesn't mean things will happen without environmental examination. All of that review and protection will still be in place. The difference is in getting started to begin with.

Alaska is in economic doldrums, especially Southeast. We need assertive leadership and a governor who is not afraid to get out in front of issues and development ideas. If times were different, and things were booming out of control, then we would need more of a manager than a leader. But that isn't the case now and we don't want chaos anyway, just a growing economy. Alaska needs Frank Murkowski right now!

Murray R. Walsh


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