Honorable, effective

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Bruce Weyhrauch, candidate for House District 4, will make an exceptional legislator. I have worked with Bruce for many years on fishing issues and other important issues.

As co-chair of the House Finance Committee, I have found Bruce to be honorable and effective in all his dealings with legislators and the legislative process. He is knowledgeable on many issues and has a great ability to bring opposing groups to the table and arrive at workable compromises. That ability will serve Juneau well.

Bruce Weyhrauch understands the need and concerns not only of Juneau, but also those of the rest of Southeast Alaska. Bruce has the ability to represent Juneau in the state House of Representatives.

I am looking forward to serving with Bruce Weyhrauch as we work together on issues that affect all of Southeast Alaska.

Rep. Bill Williams


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