When are cell phones involved in accidents?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003

I would like to suggest that the Empire start reporting on cell phone use in connection with vehicle accidents. I have no idea whether the driver in yesterday's fatal accident was talking on a cell phone at the time of the accident (and I hope he wasn't). I have noticed, however, that approximately one-third of the drivers that pass me on Riverside Drive in the mornings when I'm walking with my daughter to the school bus are taking on cell phones.

While talking on the phone while driving isn't illegal in Alaska, its safety is certainly in question. Many states are debating whether to restrict the use of cell phones while driving, or to prohibit it altogether.

It would help people to become more aware of the issue if the Empire started routinely reporting on whether or not drivers involved in accidents were talking on the phone at the time of the accident, similar to the way you report on whether or not an injured person was wearing a seat belt or a helmet.

Barbara Thurston


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