Stop the killers

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Sometimes you see a writer that just seems so mean-spirited. The Taliban issue is not masculine and destructive on the U.S.' part, or misguided aim, agenda, or flawed origin. In excess of 6,000 people were bombed in innocence, and they told us they were going to do it again. Ms. Joy hasn't seen the discussions with the Northern Alliance and the U.S. on their past I feel those discussions would help others to see they're acknowledging their history and mistakes. Can you say this for the Taliban? It's over a safety issue to this location that troops are in that location.

Some people, or Hitler-type ethnic cleansing organizations deserve to be knocked off the throne. If using great knowledge of Taliban territory held by the Northern Alliance is being used, Ms. Joy should be happy because although there are complications, I believe it is time the prisoner society of the Taliban's cruelty be set free. If she didn't notice, people are still getting knocked down all around us. In the news it makes people sad to see another death, then another, and yet another (anthrax).

If someone is killing people all around you like this, you stop it.

The deaths are due to, bin Laden said, ethnic cleansing of Jews and Americans. That's me too I'm an American. Hitler hated Jews should bin Laden be allowed to succeed? I don't believe the Jewish people deserve any more of what they've been put through. A lot of people don't feel like going through the Trade Center bombing experience again ... I say go get them. Be happy we're free. People are paying for you all the time with their life to keep it free.

Joan Dangeli


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