Oppose public land giveaway

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2001

The article was good in the Sunday paper dealing with the Point Retreat Lighthouse on the northern end of Admiralty Island National Monument. The problem was well-phrased, "should a historical preservation group (private) or the federal government (public) control the land (public) around the Admiralty Island lighthouse."

The article neglected to mention the 100 years of public involvement to protect the biodiversity of this public island. During this period, Admiralty Island was nominated for public use as a national park, national bear preserve, national forest, wilderness area, national preserve, national refuge, and national recreation area. In 1907, the island was placed in the Tongass National Forest. Several times over the past 100 years, the island has been suggested for national park status because of the management direction of the U.S. Forest Service. The Forest Service sold the timber on the island five times during this period. The contracts were either forfeited by the private companies or tied up in litigation by public organizations.

In 1986, Admiralty Island National Monument with Glacier Bay National Park were designated an international biosphere reserve. In 1989, the Greater Juneau Borough Assembly endorsed a proposal that the remaining 100,000 acres on the Mansfield Peninsula be protected for public use as roadless recreation. I have letters from the three regional foresters since 1990 supporting roadless recreation for the Mansfield Peninsula. Please write Sen. Stevens and tell him you oppose this giveaway of public lands.

Cliff Lobaugh


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