Ticket to ride

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Finally, a letter that exposes Ms. Chris Joy for what she is a radical feminist without the slightest idea of what she is talking about! I wholeheartedly support the comments made by Phil Gillespie and hope that every other person (male or female) who has been offended by Ms. Joy's apparently endless diatribes can now just ignore her inane views and see through the mindless pap that she is so intent on sharing in this column.

I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone more ignorant and so intent on sharing it with the world. Has she never traveled outside this country? Does she not realize that a majority of this world isn't like the U.S.A.? She mentions issues and solutions that any third grader would recognize as inane.

If she really believes she and her male-hating cohorts can affect world matters, or even the misguided religious radicals in the tinhorn Taliban regime, I'll make her an offer she can't possibly refuse: I will buy her an airline ticket to Afghanistan and she can put all her silly rhetoric to the test. What will is be, Ms. Joy?

If you think you can change the world because of your gender, let's see what you've got. Perhaps we can spare the efforts and save the lives of good service people if you can go over there and straighten everything out. I think, in fairly short order actually, you'll find out that reality doesn't square with your very skewed view of the world and your "matriarchal society" would have all the same problems you blather about now.

Of course, the real benefit to all this is that you wouldn't be here hiding behind the heroic efforts of an awful lot of good men and writing idiotic tripe about female-dominated utopias. Don't waste my time with more hollow and inane rhetoric, just let me know when you want to go, Ms. Joy. Your ticket will be waiting.

Frank House


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