Business Profile: Marjorie McKeown

Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

Title and company: Owner and operator, Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water.

Services: The company delivers purified water from its facilities in Churchill Park. Marjorie McKeown owns the company with her husband, Marty, and is the company's only full-time employee. Since buying the company in January, the McKeowns have switched from a manual to a machine-operated system for bottling the water.

"It takes much of the guesswork out of the process," Marjorie McKeown said.

She said there is a large market in Juneau for purified water.

"People prefer a more pure product," McKeown said. "A lot of people are savvy to the chlorine in the water - they don't like the taste and they are concerned with the toxicity of the water. It's also very convenient."

In addition to home delivery, Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water is sold in Juneau grocery stores.

"We're working on markets outside of Alaska as well," McKeown said. "The authentic Alaska product is always a hit anywhere."

McKeown has had to hone her accounting, plumbing, water-quality and customer-service skills since she took over as operator of the company. McKeown also works as a personal trainer at the Alaska Club.

"If I hadn't been working out for all of these years I don't think I could have done this job," McKeown said. "It's pretty labor-intensive."

Biographical information: McKeown was born and raised in Seattle, Wash., and has lived in Juneau for 16 1/2 years.

Family: McKeown's husband, Marty, works full-time at Evergreen Motors. The couple has four children, Mackenzie, 16; Quincy, 14; Katie, 6; and Madelynne, 5. Mackenzie and Quincy are very helpful in the business, McKeown said.

Most of Marty McKeown's family lives in town as well, McKeown said.

Quotable: "I really do like this job," McKeown said. "It's so easy because people want this product and all you have to do is be accessible and be nice."

Contact information: The phone number for Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water is 780-4262.

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