Repeatedly rambling

Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

The debate shown on television Tuesday night was a terrific opportunity for the viewing audience. This broadcast provided all Alaskans with another occasion to see the two leading gubernatorial candidates in action, observe their significant differences, and reasonably decide which candidate has the ability to best serve Alaska and those who live here.

It is abundantly clear that Fran Ulmer is precisely the person we need to hold our state's highest office. You can believe what she says and trust that she will follow through with her commitments. You can be certain that her judgment is sound and that her math adds up. The debate showed her to be candid, rational, and clearly focused as she identified a feasible plan for Alaska's future.

In the debate, Frank Murkowski wasn't credible, convincing, or trustworthy. When asked hard questions, he rarely gave straight answers. When specifically questioned about where he would find the money to settle the state's most pressing financial concerns, he repeatedly rambled on and on about tangential topics. And, he didn't even recover when the moderator attempted to refocus his ramblings in the direction of a reasonable response.

Finally, it makes me nervous that there are television ads out now that feature Nancy Murkowski assuring Alaskans that things will be OK under his leadership because she gives us her word on it. It's too bad that in the absence of a positive record that would speak for itself, Murkowski's spouse has to go on television to vouch for him.

I don't know if we are seeking, as Murkowski repeatedly labels it, a road in or out of Juneau, but it is my opinion that he needs to be on a one-way road back to Washington, D.C.

Barbara Bachmeier


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