A proven record

Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

I've read the letters and ads noting that Sen. Kim Elton was not appointed to the Senate Finance Committee by the majority. Kim joins some elite company.

I worked for Sen. Al Adams, one of the canniest legislators ever to serve Alaska. The first time Sen. Rick Halford was Senate president, he refused to let Al serve on the Finance Committee just as he used the power of his position last session to block Kim from serving on Finance.

Not serving on Senate Finance did not stop Al from helping his constituents and not serving on Finance did not stop Kim this session. This year Kim, as Juneau's only senator, helped bring home debt reimbursement for Juneau's valley high school, the UAS recreation center and National Guard Armory, $7 million for Juneau harbors and $16 million for Juneau road and highway projects.

Kim is effective not because of where he is but because of who he is. His record proves it. I'm glad to have him represent me!

Marla Berg


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