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Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

A republic is founded on the input of citizens who elect representatives to make decisions for them in local, county, state, and federal assemblies. Voters also decide how dollars will be spent and provide guidelines for elected officials.

This November, Alaskans will once again go to the polls to vote, and more than half our fellow Alaskans will stay home. America's homeland will not fall to skyjackers, suicide bombers, snipers, or another foreign power. Rather, the decline will come slowly from within. Citizens who fail to vote, who don't pay attention to how well their local government or local schools are doing their jobs, or who really believe their opinions don't count, will watch as few make decisions for many.

If your favorite candidate is a sure loser, at least let them know someone cared. If none of the above is your best choice for an individual race, move on and vote for those people or issues where you want your opinion heard. Great countries only remain great when citizens become and stay involved. When less than a quarter of our total citizenry make the decisions for the rest of us, homeland security is in real danger.

Don't abdicate. Don't think it won't count. Don't fail to vote. Your vote means a whole lot more than just who or which issue wins or loses. It reminds everyone that should their actions or decisions become too far from the main stream that we will remove them for someone who better represents our thoughts and wishes.

Jim Douglas


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