Integrity needed

Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

I am very disappointed with the way Cathy Muñoz has run her campaign. Juneau deserves better from its political candidates.

• Cathy told Project Vote Smart we should increase the alcohol tax, then told the Juneau Chamber it should remain at the current level.

• Cathy told the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition abortions should be legal throughout a pregnancy, then told Project Vote Smart they should be banned after the first trimester.

• Cathy told the state Prosecutors Association she wants to reform the way Alaska appoints and retains judges (our system is a model for the nation), then she told the Juneau Bar Association she wants no changes.

• Cathy told the ANB/ANS she supports Native hire, but told Project Vote Smart she opposes affirmative action and the use of race in state hiring or contracting.

Our political candidates must have integrity and keep their word. It's not OK to change positions depending on which group you are talking to. Juneau voters deserve a candidate with integrity. That's why I have decided to vote for Kim Elton.

Fred Gaffney


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