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Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

I am worried about the future of Alaska's economy. We have a huge fiscal gap, our revenue from oil will eventually run out, and soon there will be no more money left for Alaska's children. If we can no longer fund Alaska's schools, our workforce will rapidly decrease. Right now, we need legislators in Juneau who are willing to work together and make compromises in order to move forward.

We do not need legislators who are so stuck on their own idea that they won't let anything gather momentum. Now is the time for progress and action, however imperfect, because we need to address the needs of this state now, before it's too late. Sen. Kim Elton has always been one of those senators who is willing to help find middle ground in the interests of the people and the future of Alaska. As a member of the bipartisan Fiscal Policy Caucus, Sen. Elton came to middle ground in the interests of our almost one billion dollar budget gap. Unfortunately, the Senate Republicans refused to meet him on that middle ground. Needless to say, we are nowhere nearer to solving the budget problem.

A vote for Kim Elton in November is a vote for action and progress. A vote for Kim Elton is to create a bright and promising future for Alaskans of all ages.

John Osborne


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