Majority of problems

Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

Cathy Muñoz and Bruce Weyrauch keep saying Juneau needs a member of the majority in the Legislature. After watching those majorities, I don't think Juneau wants or needs a member. The group they want to join is the one supporting massive state budget cuts, and which would lay off state employees by the hundreds. Their majority was responsible for introducing three capital move bills this past year. In the Senate it's the one that refused to even talk about a fiscal plan, or to allow Alaskans to vote on subsistence.

What Juneau needs is people who will stand up to this kind of behavior, not join in. Kim Elton and Beth Kerttula have worked hard for our community, and done it effectively. Tim Grussendorf was right there beside them, working with Juneau's friends from rural Alaska. If we want effective representatives, they're the ones to vote for.

Joining majorities that include people like Vic Kohring, Jerry Ward and Lyda Green doesn't do Juneau any favors. We have the chance this year to build a new majority, just by voting for the people who best represent Juneau: Kim, Beth, and Tim.

Cindy Smith


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