Land grant benefits

Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2002

In the governor's race, education for me is the key. And, I look for performance in a candidate, not rhetoric.

The University of Alaska is land grant poor. The federal government at the time of statehood left the University of Alaska land poor. It failed to treat Alaska as it had other western states. For example: University of Alaska 112,000 acres vs. University of New Mexico over 2 million acres. (The reason for land grants is to give universities independent sources of funding to provide for education. This source of funding becomes especially helpful in times of tight state budgets.)

Murkowski has sponsored federal legislation to give the university 250,000 acres of federal land and another 250,000 acres of federal land should the state give the university 250,000 acres of state land. The potential would be 750,000 acres.

During the Knowles-Ulmer administration, the Alaska Legislature passed legislation for a state land grant in the amount of 250,000 acres to the University of Alaska three times.

Three times this legislation was vetoed by the Knowles-Ulmer administration.

Frank Murkowski's performance in supporting the University of Alaska by sponsoring legislation to give the university 500,000 acres of federal land is laudable.

In a campaign debate in Fairbanks on Tuesday, Frank Murkowski stated that if elected governor he will support a state land grant to the University of Alaska. Fran Ulmer dismissed the idea.

Frank Murkowski is a performer of deeds and we need deeds done for Alaska to capture its great future. As such I am voting for Frank Murkowski for governor.

Dan Ogg


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