Let bikers ride off-road

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 24, 2004

The picture of the two people on the mini bikes (Empire, Oct. 18) was really nice. It reminded me how much fun I used to have riding dirt bikes here in Juneau. But that was a long time ago.

People in Juneau, Alaska have not had the freedom of a legal, public place to ride in more than 10 years and that is a real shame. Why did the city close the only place to ride and not reopen another one? A Juneau Assembly member came to my house awhile ago and I asked why can't we ride dirt bikes in Juneau? And when can we ride dirt bikes in Juneau?

He did not have an answer although he said he learned to drive at Dredge Lake and that he enjoyed driving off road vehicles. He said he would bring up the issue at the next assembly meeting and I really hope he will.

This is Alaska and I believe there is room for a place in Juneau for people to ride if they would like to. I think a place to ride would make a lot of people in Juneau happier. Some of my best times in Juneau were riding with my friends at Dredge Lake. Because Juneau has banned off-road-vehicle riding and driving, a lot of younger people do not know how to ride or drive, and that is not fair. When these people do ride or drive they are on the road at a dangerous disadvantage because they haven't had experience driving in safe off-road conditions free from traffic.

Because Juneau does not have a place to ride, full-grown adults are driving the littlest mini bikes made on the sidewalk. There are three things that could happen. Juneau will do the right thing and provide a place to ride off road, Juneau will have more and more 49cc mini bikes all over town, or Juneau will change the law and make the mini bikes illegal to.

Juneau should let people ride off-road again. It would be right thing to do; it would be safer for everyone on and off road; and it would make a lot of people happy to do what they would really like to do in Juneau.

Cal C. Giordano


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