My Turn: Osama's bin Lost: Cut losses, get money, run

Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How is it possible that Osama bin Laden, popularly responsible for the deaths of more than 3,000 innocent Americans and a U.S. economy strained by a billion dollar weekly expenditure in Iraq, has been able to evade apprehension? Why can't we locate one single man when we can pick someone wearing a "Bush Sucks!" T-shirt out of a peace demonstration from 23,000 miles out in space?

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How can our "fearless" commander in chief be certain Osama's not in Juneau? It reminds me of how I learned to embellish, deny by falsifying motivation or outright lie as an ego-driven teenager. I would say things neither time nor others could validate thereby making my rendition historical fact.

The funny thing isn't that Bush went running scared (leaving terra firma) when New York was being bombed on 9/11 - and that's pretty hilarious - but that Osama's terrorists, the Taliban, appear to be regrouping in Afghanistan. Yet, if the words spoken and actions taken by Bush last Fourth of July are any indication, the hunt for Osama has now officially ended. It looks like the Bush agenda of scaring the pants off voters has found we were all wearing Speedos underneath.

I have to admit, Bush has staying power. A consistency characterized in his knee-jerk, fear-driven politics. Enabling the monopolization of our media sources helps instill fear in our body politic. The result is to shorten attention spans so we don't have the insight or time to question or hold the president accountable. We'll become like serfs in the (ig)noble realm of his lordship and members of his majority party will get to play lieges on his feudal estate.

Our King George is nothing more than a petty tyrant whose greed drives him to grasp for the upper hand, however fleeting, in all interaction and to grab all he can in the moment without thought for the future. Has he made any plan that didn't come up short and end in catastrophe?

Little does Bush realize, however, that we're onto his little clique of young Reagan Republicans out to scam taxpayers and dispense with our democracy - our entire Constitution! This Mafioso-like band of hooligans was somewhat brought to light, recently, thanks to revelations in the Jack Abramoff scandal.

There's Karl Rove (Bush's closet confidant and adviser) and Rove's fellow young Republicans Ralph Reed (former executive director of the Christian Coalition), Tom DeLay (Bush's fellow Texan and indicted former House Majority leader) and Ed Buckham (DeLay's chief of staff and chief money handler), Grover Norquist (Reed and DeLay's other Laundromat). This gang reminds me of the Keating Five in the Savings and Loan bailout during the 1980s. Didn't that get started in Texas, too?

It may just be a higher position on the social pecking order they're after, or it may actually be something material, but whatever it is, it's always about taking power and dominating others. The result feeds into the politics of fear. It's the cynical fear that'll have us all believing everyone is trying to get something from everyone else - not just one politician from another.

Everything else in Bush's agenda, from the health care/pharmaceutical bamboozlement to the ongoing energy/defense joyride, has done nothing more than further his ambitions and create more issues for his successors to reconcile. That is, if a healthy future ever becomes the objective, again. It was the fear that Osama and like-minded martyrs may commit other heinous acts that put Bush back in the White House with a lock stepping Congressional majority. I'm pretty skeptical our economy can withstand two more years.

Bush and Osama have been drawn for us as black and white (or vice versa, depending on where you stand) one-dimensional characters. With an abundant, albeit energy-intensive and intrusive reality that we have created for ourselves in this country, why can't Bush come-up with something a little more entertaining?

Where's Osama, you ask? Has Bush checked his back pockets, recently.

• John S. Sonin is a Juneau resident.

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