Looking ahead after fluoride decision

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Voters have voted. The die has been cast for the time being. Those who can will go back to their lives with pristine pure Juneau water that contains chlorine, potash and some by-products that you can read about in the city of Juneau Annual Water Report.

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Folks who voted that no fluoride shall be placed in the community water supply will deserve what they will get. Sadly, the children of our community will not deserve what they will get for their future oral and dental health.

Are there solutions to this (no pun intended)? Yes - if the people of our community can make personal and social decisions for major paradigm changes in our sickness and health care systems - we can make a difference. What might these be? The ramifications are rather complicated: For starters, this will include universal health care (to include dental, medical, vision, preventive and pharmaceutical care for us all). This will require some courage for many people.

Who will pay for this? We will all pay for this (now or later).

There are solutions.

Carolyn V. Brown, M.D.


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