Murkowski's seniority critical for Alaska's needs

Posted: Sunday, October 24, 2010

For decades, Alaska has compensated for the small size of its U.S. Congressional delegation through seniority. This has led to key committee leadership positions which have allowed the delegation to protect and enhance our economy, not just through an inflow of federal dollars, but more importantly by defending our state against the constant pressure of outside forces that would stop the use of our own resources.

In full disclosure, I'm back in Juneau on leave from my day job where I work for Sen. Lisa Murkowski as the Staff Director for the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Every day in Washington, I see Murkowski using her position to defend Alaska or advance its interests. The Kensington mine would not be open right now if Murkowski had not been in the position to stop the EPA from requiring a tailings disposal option that was actually environmentally worse but would have killed Kensington through delay and additional cost.

If you have knowledgeable friends in Alaska's oil and natural gas industry, ask them about their challenges in Washington and Murkowski's importance to keeping oil flowing through the pipeline. In fact, talk to anyone who works in fishing in fishing, oil, mining, timber, the construction trades, education, health services, government, or any other job sector affected by government dollars or federal regulation. I believe they will tell you about the difference our delegation, and Murkowski in particular, has been able to make, and she has been able to do so because of her seniority and committee positions.

It is an uncontested fact that, if elected, either Scott McAdams or Joe Miller would join Sen. Mark Begich to form the most junior delegation in the U.S. Senate. The impact on Alaska's economy, your job, and the value of your home will be direct and it will be severe. The Juneau Murkowski campaign office is located beside the radio tower at 3 mile in the old GCI building. Please stop in and help us protect Alaska's economy. Fill in the oval, write in Lisa Murkowski, and make history.

McKie Campbell


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