Murkowski is no 'spoiled princess'

Posted: Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Sen. Lisa Murkowski originally got her position handed to her? Because it was her father who appointed her, there will always be the other side that blasts her, even though she won her spot fairly without question a little bit later.

So, "spoiled princess" I personally wouldn't agree with. She has been a very influential and important person for us in Washington and while I don't agree with everything she does, I feel like she's at the very least looking out for Alaskans. Alaskan politicians in Washington have been very powerful, they have gotten us so much, and I like feeling that someone from this state actually affects the matters of the nation.

Now the shroud that Joe Miller is behind scares me. Actually, everything that comes out if his mouth scares me. If you run for a public office, you answer questions asked by the media. At the very least his record doesn't represent someone that sticks to his ideals (what are they, by the way?). I'll give respect to someone that has different opinions than I do, if good reasons are behind them. You don't take advantage of public assistance when you need it and then run a platform trying to get rid of it when you have a 401K and benefits.

All the things Miller says he wants to get rid of makes me wonder what the big picture really is. If you drop all the public assistance what then? Where does that money go? What happens to those people that depend on it? If it wasn't there when he needed it, what would he have done? He's quoting Glenn Beck so much it's almost humorous that he's being taken seriously. But then again the tea party is pretty much a big scary joke.

When Murkowski is elected, she will hit the ground running because she knows what she's doing. Miller will do what he's told and just embarrass us by being a loud mouthpiece for people that would like to bring the U.S. back to the 1950s. Personally I don't know enough about Scott McAdams, but I do feel that it'll take him a while to be more than just a vote in the Senate.

I'm writing in Murkowski's name.

Stuart Ashton


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