Thanks to youth football volunteers

Posted: Sunday, October 24, 2010

I would like to officially thank the board of directors of the Juneau Youth Football League for their continuing the tradition of the Annual Award Ceremony along with the many hours they give to community of football lovers.

Volunteering to work for and with youth is a very worthy endeavor, however one has to dedicate more than "just a little time." You actually donate yourself to the league, sucking energy, money and time from other areas of your life like your family and that salary-paying real job.

It is a cold, wet and energy-sapping season. When it's over, a sigh of relief can be heard all around Adair Kennedy Park, but the JYFL Board perseveres on to put together an Annual Award Ceremony for the players, cheerleaders, parents and coaches.

We, the families of JYFL appreciate it.

Julie Wyatt

Juneau resident, JYFL parent,

coach and prior board member

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