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Posted: Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Oct. 10, 35 members of the Juneau Community Band gave their fifth concert since this elite group was organized. These dedicated musicians volunteered more than 600 man-hours of rehearsal time to present a free 90-minute concert at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center.

Despite limited publicity, bad weather and conflicting events, approximately 80 people attended this event. There were many familiar faces in the audience as well as several new ones. The Concert Band is gradually establishing a regular following and a good reputation for presenting traditional and contemporary band music. The community support is greatly appreciated.

In addition to the playing opportunities provided for brass, woodwind and percussion players, this performance afforded four Conductors - Ken Guiher, Amy Bibb, Sally Smith and Sandy Fortier - the opportunity to conduct a large wind ensemble. All four took turns conducting and performed on their respective instruments as well. Now that the concert is over, many of these talented musicians have already begun rehearsals for performances with other organizations, including the Juneau Symphony. Don't believe it when someone says "there's nothing to do in Juneau!"

The next performance of the Concert Band will be during the Spring of 2011. Between now and then, various members of the Juneau Community Band will present programs featuring holiday music performing as Tuba Christmas and the Reindeer Band. See "Around Town" for details.

Other groups associated with the Juneau Community Bands include the Next Saturday Dixieland Band, which continues to meet on Saturday afternoons, and the Juneau Volunteer Marching Band that has performed annually for the Independence day festivities since 1976.

Individuals who have an instrument and would like to participate - at any level - are always welcome. Others, who simply like band music, are invited to become volunteer helpers.

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Larry Stevens

Juneau Community Band player


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