The big picture

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2001

I'm from a small town about 20 miles outside Atlanta, Ga. Daily I choke through urban sprawl. My neighbors and I scratch like rats in a box as politicians and developers plow ancient Indian sites, Civil War battlefields and wetlands.

To escape to the beach or mountains is a blessing. How envious I am of the Juneau citizens who can walk trails on the beach or in the mountains daily, as a way of life, not an escape.

Citizens of Juneau, don't let your airport trail die. She'll never resurrect and development will devour all your beautiful wetlands many of you take for granted.

Don't say it won't happen. Where I'm from there's well-organized, powerful, moneyed environmental lobbies, but in the long run, they're no match for the insatiable appetites of their parasitic opposition. Closing the trail is the first step, that of removing the public, a type of condemnation. The big picture is not the trail, but the wetlands. Look at the big picture.

Don't let your trails close. Not one. Don't be like those scuttling rats of the Lower 48.

Mark E. Lewis

Lawrenceville, Ga.

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