Wise land buy

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2001

The Assembly is to be congratulated on its agreement to purchase for a "public purpose" land now owned by Faith Lutheran Church at the corner of Egan Drive and Loop Road. It's a wonderful site for a public building, with high visibility at a major intersection. I personally hope the "public purpose" is eventually for a Valley library. The site has room for a building to serve the present population and also for expansion in years to come. This is important, since all library expansion for the area will have to take place at the Valley site because neither the Juneau downtown library, nor the Douglas library has room to expand. In order to be making a good capital investment, the building should supply the community's needs for many years, including expansions, as need increases.

Just prior to the most recent Assembly vote, there was some quiet discussion about placing the library at Dimond Park, as an addition to a community recreation building near the new high school. Wisely, the Assembly recognized some years ago it had been decided there was not enough room on the site for a school, a recreation building and a library. If that site were to be used for a library, would it have meant decreased space for a recreation building? The school? Or perhaps giving up a ball field or two? Or giving up the possibilities of expansion to any of the facilities?

The recent agreement to purchase additional land was a wise decision.

Kay Diebels


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