Docks are an access issue

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2001

Closing the city dock. Now there's an idea. The logic seems to be: large numbers of people congregate on cruise ships; large numbers of people are terrorist targets; we must limit access to cruise ships. By extension, maybe we should limit access to the Augustus Brown Swimming Pool, Fred Meyer during December, and Sandy Beach on the Fourth of July.

I'm not expecting that, is anyone else? If security is the concern, then the cruise ships should anchor-off and boat the passengers to and from town, but I'm not expecting that either.

I wonder what it costs the cruise ship industry to monitor traffic on and off each ship? Wouldn't it be handy if they only had to monitor one gate? Truth is, most of the locals aren't really very picturesque, once the city dock is free of skateboarders, dog-walkers, picnickers and other riffraff, maybe they can be replaced by authentic sourdoughs hawking postcards. From what I can see, this isn't a security issue, this is an access issue. The tourism industry wants an increasingly large piece of Juneau for its own use and it won't be happy until it gets it. Unfortunately, appeasement won't work. It hasn't worked on the Mexican Coast or in the Caribbean, where locals are frequently kept off the beaches or away from whole sections of town, and it won't work in Juneau.

Alan Kinsolving


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