'Peer-reviewed science'

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2001

What a perfect poster-child for the Bush Administration's "scornful detachment," seizing any and every opportunity to further its slash-and-burn mentality when positive and progressive politicians genuinely concerned with majority welfare, let down their guard - even for a moment - posted on the front pages of the Juneau Empire and Anchorage Daily News.

Interior Secretary Gale Norton came to Alaska last summer to review the extent of wilderness to be impacted by oil-drilling. Discovering a significant number of calving-caribou to be affected, in her report to Congress she confused and clouded this value. Then, to make her incompetency worse, she has the condescending audacity to say her claims were substantiated by "peer-reviewed science!" What kind-of mixed-up world must she be residing in if facts can be determined by a select group?

What's even scarier is that this psychological disease of denial can be witnessed in other Bush Administration Cabinet members. The secretary of energy, our own Frank Murkowski, is obsessed with drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge while scientific data decries any significant reserves there to be found! Though the impact of test-drilling would be devastating, Murkowski keeps blathering our nation's need to "rampage" ANWR's natural harmony!

Interior Secretary Norton makes a perfect "poster-child" for this agenda! The Bush Administration's "scornful haughtiness" toward the American majority and its future ought have a face.

John S. Sonin


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