Commission hears more phone service complaints
ANCHORAGE - Consumers voiced their frustrations about phone service and Alaska's two largest phone companies offered clashing explanations at a hearing Tuesday before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

Business Profile: Marjorie McKeown
Title and company: Owner and operator, Alaska Pure Mountain Spring Water.

Juneau Job Center hosts employer summit
Employers at a meeting with the state Juneau Job Center said they would like to have more of a say in how the center deals with issues facing them.The Juneau Job Center, part of the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, hosted its first employer summit Oct. 17 at Centennial Hall. About 40 local employers discussed with staff of the job center what it can do to help businesses that hire in Juneau.

Hooked up, but not tied down
Larry Glackin would like to make it easier for Juneau residents to take an afternoon off work.His company, Ice Communications Inc., is poised to offer broadband wireless Internet service in downtown Juneau, Lena Point, and most of Douglas. The company hooked up its first customer in Juneau on Oct. 15.

Companies fined in illegal dumping case
ANCHORAGE - A federal judge fined four maritime companies $5 million Wednesday for their role in an ocean pollution conspiracy involving oil dumping from cargo ships that regularly transport goods from Alaska to Asia, according to the U.S. Attorney's office in Anchorage.

In the Tank
A look at gas prices as of Wednesday evening

Business briefs
JCVB offers travel packaging seminar and workshop; McConnochie at minority home ownership meeting; Rainsong Gallery is moving

Land grant benefits
In the governor's race, education for me is the key. And, I look for performance in a candidate, not rhetoric.

Time to cut losses
Over 4 1/2 years of serving members in the General Government Unit as a regional business agent for the Alaska State Employees Association, I became very familiar with the skillful diplomacy and negotiations acumen of Bruce Weyhrauch.

For progress, action
I am worried about the future of Alaska's economy. We have a huge fiscal gap, our revenue from oil will eventually run out, and soon there will be no more money left for Alaska's children. If we can no longer fund Alaska's schools, our workforce will rapidly decrease. Right now, we need legislators in Juneau who are willing to work together and make compromises in order to move forward.

What an opportunity
As an artist, a mother, an educator and an Alaskan, I want to express my admiration and gratitude for the strong, moving voice with which our lieutenant governor, Fran Ulmer, inspires us.

Tireless commitment
Juneau's Sen. Kim Elton has fought tirelessly for women's issues. For this reason and others, Kim has my vote in Juneau's Senate race.

An excellent candidate
We have known Cathy Muñoz for many years and have great respect for her ability to work with diverse groups of people. While serving on our local Assembly she always followed through with answers to questions and promptly returned phone calls. She is also very good at seeking out information from people involved in a project if she needs more knowledge on the subject at hand.

Majority of problems
Cathy Muñoz and Bruce Weyrauch keep saying Juneau needs a member of the majority in the Legislature. After watching those majorities, I don't think Juneau wants or needs a member. The group they want to join is the one supporting massive state budget cuts, and which would lay off state employees by the hundreds.

Vote on behalf of kids
I am writing to tell you about my neighbor, Fran Ulmer. If you've had the chance to meet her, or hear her speak, you know that as a human being she has qualities anyone could admire. Her vision, courage, compassion, and an ability to listen and bring people together are exactly what our state needs in a governor.

Effective representation
Cathy Muñoz offers Juneau residents the opportunity for real representation in the state Senate. For the past 10 years, Juneau's senator has not been a member of the majority. I will explain why it is important.

Repeatedly rambling
The debate shown on television Tuesday night was a terrific opportunity for the viewing audience. This broadcast provided all Alaskans with another occasion to see the two leading gubernatorial candidates in action, observe their significant differences, and reasonably decide which candidate has the ability to best serve Alaska and those who live here.

Vague references
After watching the Oct. 22 Ulmer-Murkowski debate, it became clear that Fran Ulmer is the best choice for our next governor.

Integrity needed
I am very disappointed with the way Cathy Muñoz has run her campaign. Juneau deserves better from its political candidates.

The state needs Frank
We received campaign information from the Democratic candidate for governor.

Election contrasts
I am struck by the gubernatorial contest between the quintessential Beauty and the Beast.

Revisionist history
I had planed on leaving this alone but when I saw the ad from Fran claiming credit for the Permanent Fund it reminded me of Al Gore claiming credit for the Internet. Come on, Fran, I was president of the Alaska Senate during that bitter battle and as you were doing coastal zone management at the time I somehow failed to see you on the permanent fund battleground.

Model representation
Sen. Kim Elton's political record demonstrates his sincere commitment to the education and well-being of Alaskans. It's a pity so many of those Alaskans won't be able to vote for him in the upcoming election because they aren't old enough yet. Juneau's kids certainly deserve to be represented.

Let Fran lead
I am a fourth generation Alaskan, born and raised into a family that played an active role in the development of Alaska's history. My family's involvement in Alaska diversified through politics, the mining and fishing industries, hosting cultural events, supporting education, opening small businesses, and most importantly preserving family values.

Consensus builder
This coming legislative session presents a unique opportunity to address the critical issues facing our state. The elected officials we choose must possess the skill, knowledge of the process, and the willingness and capability to build consensus necessary to empower this session to meet the challenges before it.

Go Green Nov. 5
Paul McCarthy's letter (Assessing the debate, Oct. 23) asked us to support Fran Ulmer because she is not as bad as Sen. Frank Murkowski. Instead of voting against a candidate, I am excited to vote for the Green Party's Diane Benson, because she believes what I believe.

Elton for education
I want to say "Thank you" to Sen. Kim Elton for everything he's done for education in Juneau. I know he was right in the middle of all the fights over the foundation formula and made sure that Juneau got the money we needed. He's done a great job for us.

Wishful fiscal thinking
Hardship highlights reality and helps people make better choices. The Legislature's failure to close the budget gap brings Alaskans to the brink of the same economic depression that characterized the late 1980s.

Full-time legislator
The best road in the world won't improve access to the Legislature if our legislators are not approachable and responsive to their constituents. I have known Kim Elton for over 20 years and if there is one trait that characterizes Kim and his approach to public service, it is a willingness to listen.

Where Cathy stands
I believe it is important for the public to have the facts on candidates that run for public office. That is why I am taking the time to respond to allegations that appeared in the letters to editor column on Oct. 24.

For vision and drive
I'm a lifelong Juneau resident. My family developed land in the Valley and Lemon Creek area back in the 1960s.

Who has real plan?
After seeing Frank Murkowski's "Man With the Plan" ad in the Empire I feel compelled to comment. The Tuesday gubernatorial debate made it very clear that our junior senator does not have a plan to extract Alaska from the impending fiscal crisis. His "plan" consists of a few bumper sticker slogans that don't even begin to address the budget shortfalls facing the state.

Bruce won't tolerate workplace harassment
I have worked side by side with Bruce Weyhrauch for two years on issues of "no tolerance for harassment" in state government. If you vote for Bruce Weyhrauch you will be voting for an honest-to-God "no tolerance for harassment" work place in state government.

Partisan and ineffective
The ability of Juneau's sole senator to provide effective representation is the key issue in this year's senate race. Kim Elton says that his eight years of experience should be reason enough to re-elect him.

Leverage federal funds
Sen. Murkowski has put forth his vision of building a modern transportation system in Alaska. The senator's transportation plan would allow Alaska's economy to grow and would connect this state to the rest of the nation. It is a vision that citizens ought to be able to drive to Juneau, and a vision that will increase commerce, trade and tourism.

Shifting the blame
Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer has finally taken responsibility for the election pamphlet fiasco. This disaster sent 40 percent of the state's election pamphlets to the wrong election districts, and made Alaska the laughingstock of the country, the state of Florida excepted. This snafu is not only embarrassing - it is expensive!

A proven record
I've read the letters and ads noting that Sen. Kim Elton was not appointed to the Senate Finance Committee by the majority. Kim joins some elite company.

Impressed by Fran
Several weeks ago, I attended the NAACP Annual Dinner. There were three impressive components about that evening.

Participate by voting
A republic is founded on the input of citizens who elect representatives to make decisions for them in local, county, state, and federal assemblies. Voters also decide how dollars will be spent and provide guidelines for elected officials.

Charitable solution
This year's gubernatorial election has been perplexing for me. On the one hand, I'm extremely happy about the prospects of either Fran or Frank being our next governor, on the expectation that either is going to be big improvement for Juneau over what we've experienced for the past many years.

Pragmatic grit
Watching the gubernatorial debates, I was struck by the obvious homework and courage displayed by Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer in addressing the fiscal issues of the state. I am convinced, as a small business owner, that realism and predictability are critical to handle the changing economies facing our state.

Muñoz for education
I have gotten to know Cathy by volunteering for her campaign, and now I consider her a friend - but that isn't why I think she'll be a great state senator.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

With fog gone, AK Airlines plays catch-up
After days of fog-caused delays, Alaska Airlines resumed flights this morning, and north- and south-bound flights had space available, company spokesman Jack Evans said. The airline may bring down a plane from Anchorage to handle a potential larger demand for north-bound flights this afternoon, he said.

Consultant: Tourism talks need more than the usual voices
Polarized, divisive and without direction. A clash between economic development and the environment. Hurt by a lack of trust, a lack of civility and an inability to go beyond personalities. About 30 people used those terms to describe Juneau's civic culture at a meeting Thursday at Centennial Hall. The discussion, led by civic consultant David Chrislip, focused on collaboration as a way to deal with tourism questions in Juneau.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Fog maroons hundreds of travelers
Heavy fog has forced 350 travelers to extend or delay trips throughout Southeast Alaska this week, Alaska Airlines spokesman Jack Walsh said today.Karen Lechner, a Juneau resident who hoped to fly to Boston today, first attempted to get from Juneau to Seattle on Wednesday.

Trail end restored
A Trail Mix work crew is completing installation of a bridge allowing access to the end of the 312-mile Perseverance Trail in Silverbow Basin above downtown. The bridge and a new stretch of trail completes several years of work restoring access to the head of the basin and its collection of historic mining ruins.

Race: Build new Capitol on Telephone Hill
Some local leaders are reluctant to discuss a plan by Republican State House District 3 candidate Mike Race to build a new Capitol in Juneau while the community faces a battle to keep the Legislature here.Race, who owns a real-estate business, came out strongly this week in support of rejuvenating a plan from the early '90s to build a new Capitol on Telephone Hill, a small neighborhood next to the State Office Building downtown.


Rep. Young advocates Juneau road projects
During a quick campaign stop in Juneau on Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Don Young said he opposes moving legislative sessions away from the capital and said road access is the key to thwarting future move efforts. Young, a Republican, faces Democrat Clifford Mark Greene, Libertarian Rob Clift and Green Party candidate Russel deForest in the Nov. 5 general election. Pollsters, however, predict Young, a 15-term incumbent and 10th highest ranking member of the U.S. House, is guaranteed re-election.

Old salt preserves memories of destroyers
Basil Nickerson, a yeoman sailor on a destroyer in the Atlantic in World War II, fired only once against the enemy. But his memories of dangers and comradeship at sea led him to form an association for those who served on "four-piper" destroyers."We look back on it now, we left our soul on board ship," said Nickerson, 79, who a few years ago began the Web site and organization he now calls Four-Pipers Sailor WWII.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Kazama, Weske to wed
Anne Kazama of Juneau and Jeremy Weske of Juneau are engaged and are planning a wedding for June 2003 at Douglas Island Bible Church.

Neighbors Briefs
Operation Christmas Child seeks volunteers; Red Cross sets Adult CPR class; Forest Service to host fireside programs

How we play
The sun's gone down, it's pouring rain outside, you're done with work and you have a night to kill. What harm could there be in watching some TV and going to bed?Actually, quite a bit, some health experts say.

A global community
Adama Diouf gave up nearly all of his family and friend's emotional, physical and financial support to convert from Islam to Christianity at the age of 19.Now, eight years after his ordination as a minister, he said he has many friends and a good family in the church. He's found part of that family in the Juneau community, as was demonstrated last weekend during church services at the Chapel by the Lake.

Carol Walsh Treadwell
Former Juneau resident Carol Walsh Treadwell, 44, died Oct. 21, 2002, in Anchorage.

Emma Rose Gress
Former Juneau resident Emma Rose Gress, 80, died of cancer Oct. 19, 2002, at her home in Meridian, Idaho.

My Turn: How 'great' have the last 8 years been?
If you are like most voters, you are not registered with either of Alaska's major political parties but identify yourself as "non-partisan" or "undeclared." It would follow, then, that the way you vote is determined less by ideology than by your view of candidates and your personal stake in the election.

My Turn: Fat cats fear taxes more than dividend loss
The governor's race may hinge on whom voters believe will best protect dividends. Each candidate says they will. How? There are three ways.

Alaska editorial: Road surest way to defeat capital move permanently
Along with some familiar names on the November general election ballot will be a familiar question - should the Legislature be relocated to Southcentral? Alaska voters have seen this initiative appear, in one form or another, five times since statehood. Of the five times it has come to a vote, it has been rejected, essentially, every time. The one time a full-blown capital move was approved - in 1974 - it was effectively killed four years later when voters overwhelmingly refused to approve the nearly $1 billion cost of the relocation.

My Turn: Conservationists support Murkowski
For those who treasure the opportunity to hunt, fish, view and responsibly conserve Alaska's fish and wildlife, Frank Murkowski is the only choice for governor.Frank has shown strong support for the values that once made Alaska an outdoor Mecca - state management, active management of fish and game, decision making founded on science, and support for public access.

My Turn: For these reasons, we will march peacefully
A year ago, Congress hastily passed the USA Patriot Act and permanently altered the landscape of civil liberties in the United States. Although supporters argued that it would deter and obstruct future terrorist assaults on Americans, critics of the bill, including legal scholars, historians, immigrant rights advocates, civil libertarians and city councils throughout the nation, have questioned its effectiveness and its constitutionality.

My Turn: It's time for new ideas and change
Peter Nakamura has it right that fiscal planning should be realistic but he is wrong if he believes the Knowles-Ulmer tax and spend model is working.We've had eight years under this plan and the impact to salmon sales, lumber and pulp manufacture, and mining has been devastating. It does little good to invent a parachute for state government if we leave the private sector and municipal governments to crash and burn.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Playoff stars have roots in Alaska
Mention the name of San Francisco Giants left fielder Barry Bonds and most baseball fans will tell you Bonds is a certain Hall of Famer.Bonds has compiled an impressive baseball resume, recording 613 career home runs, four MVP trophies - with a possible fifth on the way - and now maybe a championship ring, after the Giants crushed the Anaheim Angels 16-4 in Thursday's Game 5 of the World Series to take a 3-2 Series lead.

Juneau spikers to host Sitka
When the Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team won last weekend's Service-Dimond Invitational Tournament, the Crimson Bears showed they can play at a level above the best teams in the state.With the Sitka Wolves coming to town this weekend, Juneau will try to maintain its finely honed edge as the teams close out the Region V-Class 4A regular season. The varsity matches will start about 8 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday nights at the JDHS main gymnasium, following the C Team matches at 4:15 p.m. and the junior varsity at 6 p.m.

Boozer scores eight as Cavs lose to Kings
LOS ANGELES - Bobby Jackson scored 21 points to lead the Sacramento Kings to a 115-94 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night in an NBA exhibition game.

Juneau's Creighton Miller to enter alma mater's hall of fame
By all accounts, Creighton Miller tries to avoid the spotlight.When he played baseball for Chadron State College of Chadron, Neb., the 1969 Juneau-Douglas High School graduate was known for how little he said, especially if reporters were around.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Adult Volleyball League Standings
Here are the standings through Oct. 20 for the Juneau Department of Parks and Recreation men's and women's adult volleyball leagues.

State Class 1A-2A-3A Wrestling Rankings
Here are the state's top-five wrestlers in each weight class for the Class 1A-2A-3A season as ranked by the Web site,, which is run by Palmer's Eric Wade. The rankings are based on head-to-head results and consultation with state coaches.

GCLL recognizes efforts of players and volunteers
Gastineau Channel Little League held its recognition barbecue and annual meeting last Sunday, recognizing the efforts of volunteers as well as the teams that advanced to tournaments.

Alaska Swimming Top 16 Prep Times
Here are Alaska's top 16 times in each event for the 2002 high school swimming season. This list is compiled by Juneau-Douglas High School swim coach John Wray and is through meets of Oct. 19. It includes all reported meets. Diving scores are not available.

Banged-up interior line keeps Cougars rolling
PULLMAN, Wash. - Ask Jason Gesser about his record-setting success this season and he'll quickly point to some very broad shoulders. Washington State's interior offensive line has been checkered by injuries, yet has kept the wolves - and Bears, Trojans and Cardinal - away from Gesser and his sore rib cage.

Battle of the islands
Voters in most small Southeast communities will choose between incumbent Rep. Albert Kookesh of Angoon and newcomer Gary Graham of Cordova when they cast ballots Nov. 5.House District 5 lines were changed to reflect statewide population shifts, so Cordova and several Prince William Sound villages are now in the district that goes as far south as Metlakatla and includes Angoon, Hoonah, Tenakee, Haines and Skagway.

Flood forces Kenai residents to evacuate homes
ANCHORAGE - Several roads were closed, bridges were washed out and people were evacuated from their homes on the Kenai Peninsula on Thursday after heavy rainfall caused major flooding and raised rivers to their highest levels in 30 years.Homer, 230 miles south of Anchorage, was isolated by mudslides caused by nearly two days of torrential rains.

GOP majority expected to shrink
ANCHORAGE - For a decade, Alaska's ship of state has tilted right, with Republican majorities calling the shots in both the House and the Senate. The tilt was so distinct the last two years, Republicans could override vetoes without crossover help from Democrat colleagues.

Ulmer opposes quotas for processors
ANCHORAGE - Gubernatorial candidate Fran Ulmer is opposed to granting seafood processors a guaranteed share of the catch of crab and other species.Ulmer this week said she would push the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to reverse its stand on processor shares in the Bering Sea if she is elected.

State Briefs
Burned boat may have sunk; World Plus head gets more time; Ketchikan shipyard wins ferry bid; Ketchikan court runs out of jurors for murder trial; Man pleads innocent to fraud; Salmonella outbreak strikes Elim

Rural SE voters to pick senator from Interior
Voters from Southeast communities from Metlakatla to Yakutat will decide Nov. 5 which of two Interior Alaska candidates will represent them in the state Senate.New Senate district lines put the rural Southeast communities in the state's largest district, which also takes in parts of Prince William Sound and includes a huge chunk of the Interior stretching from the Canadian border most of the way to the Bering Sea.

Fiscal gap dominates Anchorage debate
ANCHORAGE - Both candidates in the race for governor were on the defensive Wednesday night as they again tackled the state's gap between revenue and spending in a televised debate.While Democrat Fran Ulmer dodged the pro-tax label put on her by Republican opponent Frank Murkowski, Murkowski speculated that unexplored oil prospects could yield huge amounts of new revenue to close the gap.

Sen. attacks attack ads
In a gubernatorial campaign that is growing more bitter by the day, Republican Frank Murkowski on Thursday angrily accused his Democratic opponent of distorting his stance on the Alaska Permanent Fund.Murkowski said television ads airing statewide by Fran Ulmer take out of context comments he made during an appearance on a talk show and incorrectly suggest he would use permanent fund earnings for state government.

Stevens: Number of tribes makes funding unwieldy
ANCHORAGE - The large number of tribal organizations in Alaska receiving federal money needs to be reduced to cut inefficiency and unfair competition between villages at a time of shrinking congressional funding, Sen. Ted Stevens said.Stevens, an Alaska Republican, told a press conference this week that he does not care whether the more than 200 individual village-based tribes in Alaska merge into larger tribes. But for purposes of federal funding, he said, they should form regional groups or set up a statewide committee to funnel money.

AFN convention opens with call to protect sovereignty
ANCHORAGE - Challenging times lie ahead for Alaska's tribes, ranging from anticipated cuts in their federal funding to challenges to their legal status. But on the opening day of their annual convention, members of the Alaska Federation of Natives were urged to work to protect tribal sovereignty.

Murkowski won't raise oil-company taxes
ANCHORAGE - Republican Frank Murkowski pledged not to raise oil-company taxes if he's elected governor."That will be the first thing I oppose," he told employees of Conoco Phillips on Wednesday. "We want to provide incentives."

Movies where and when
"Transporter," (PG-13) ends Thursday, Oct. 24, last show at 7 p.m. at the 20th Century Twin.

Silk and Swordplay
Shakespeare's "King Lear" can be a daunting play for actors. But that changed one night for actor and director Aaron Elmore, as he and other members of Theatre in the Rough rehearsed the Shakespearean drama. In the scene being rehearsed, King Lear and his daughter were verbally sparring. Beneath the grandiose pageantry of a royal family the human frailties emerged.

What's up with that?
Q: There's a little tiny community (looks like about four houses, and I also see a pickup truck, which makes me wonder if there's a road) about halfway between the old Treadwell community and Marmion Island. Are those private residences? Is there a road? How about a hiking trail out to see them? Any story behind why folks chose to build out there?

Best Bets: Autumn concert and two classic dramas
Strong-willed women and bullheaded men are featured in two plays opening this weekend in Juneau. A concert and an Israeli film are also in the offing.The Juneau Symphony launches the fall season Saturday night, Oct. 26, with a concert at Centennial Hall. The symphony's principal flutist Sally Schlichting will be featured in Reinecke's Flute Concerto. The concert will also include Mozart's "Don Giovanni" Overture and Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade."

'Monologues' to tour in campaign to fight violence against women
Perseverance Theatre is seeking three women for "The "Vagina Monologues." The play by Eve Ensler was an off-Broadway hit in the late 1990s and will be produced this winter by the theater. The production, an addition to the regular season, is scheduled for mid-February and will include two performances in Juneau and a four-week tour of Alaska.

What's happening

Symphony for the season
Juneau residents don't have to wait for Halloween to hear stories of ghosts and pirates and other dangerous adventures. The Juneau Symphony will take care of that Saturday night during its first performance of the 2002-03 season. Maestro Kyle Wiley Pickett will direct the symphony in renditions of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" Overture, Reinecke's Flute Concerto, and Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade." He chose the pieces because they lend themselves well to the Halloween season, he said.

Glutton: A wolverine by any other name
With 65 percent of Americans now qualifying as tubs-o'-lard, gluttony seems to have become less a deadly sin than a national goal. And it's with this national unity of purpose in mind that we take it upon ourselves to investigate the origins of that gorgeous word, "glutton."

Young players stage ancient drama
Sometimes sticking up for a brother can get a girl killed. Antigone, the heroine of Sophocles' classic play, defies her family and the law of the land to do what she believes is right. This weekend Perseverance Theatre's Young Shakespeare Training Company brings the Greek drama "Antigone" to life in Juneau.

JDU meeting and recital Sunday
JUNEAU - Juneau Dance Unlimited will have a short dance recital and a general membership meeting from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday. There is no charge and the public is invited.

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