Consensus builder

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

This coming legislative session presents a unique opportunity to address the critical issues facing our state. The elected officials we choose must possess the skill, knowledge of the process, and the willingness and capability to build consensus necessary to empower this session to meet the challenges before it.

Tim Grussendorf is a candidate well prepared for office. His knowledge of the issues, regional support and can-do attitude leave no doubt he is the person to represent this district in the coming sessions. Tim's candor and work ethic will allow him to build and be part of effective coalitions and assume an immediate leadership role once elected. The issues facing us will not be solved by ineffective majorities but by those willing to make the tough decisions and who have the wisdom, respect and courage that inspire others to follow. This leader is Tim Grussendorf and he has my vote.

Andy Lee


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