Election contrasts

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

I am struck by the gubernatorial contest between the quintessential Beauty and the Beast.

On the one hand you have the Beauty. Compassionate, caring, people-oriented, smart, gracious, intelligent, quick, innovative, energetic, and gaining her energy from the people of the state of Alaska: Fran Ulmer.

On the other hand you have the Beast. Egocentric, rude, money-oriented, boorish, blockheaded, offensive, retrograde, regressive, and taking his support from Big Oil and Big Business largely from outside the state: Frank Murkowski.

They are different as oil and water; that is a concise summary of their differences. Alaskans sure have a clear choice between opposites this time.

You go girl! Fran Ulmer!

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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