Partisan and ineffective

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

The ability of Juneau's sole senator to provide effective representation is the key issue in this year's senate race. Kim Elton says that his eight years of experience should be reason enough to re-elect him.

According to Kim Elton's Web site, during four years in the Alaska House, he did not introduce a single piece of legislation that became law.

Researching his record further shows that during the 19th legislative session (1995-96), Elton did manage to pass two non-binding resolutions: HR 9, proclaiming National Garden Week, and HJR 44, which called for a postage stamp honoring Alaskan salmon.

During his four years as senator, Elton pushed through SB 261, which "relates to sticks and sharp injury protections and the use of safe needles," and last session he passed SB50, which "extends the Board of Veterinary Examiners." Every other bill he authored, nearly 30 in all, died in committee.

A recent letter writer claimed Elton gave his bills away to other senators so that they would not be lost to partisanship. This is curious since Elton's partisanship is what alienated other members of the Legislature and killed his chance for a seat on the Senate Finance Committee.

Most telling is that Elton has been ineffective with his own administration. He could not prevent the governor, a member of his own political party, from allowing half of our commissioners to live and work outside of Juneau. He cannot blame the Republican majority for the "capital creep" of our commissioners and their key staff.

The capital city, if it is to remain a strong seat of government, needs a senator who can legislate and keep jobs in Juneau. We need a senator who when offered, can be confirmed to a seat on the Finance Committee.

There's a reason for the groundswell of bipartisan support for Cathy Muñoz. It's not about party affiliation, it's about effective representation. On Nov. 5, vote for Cathy Muñoz.

Colleen Jardell


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