Who has real plan?

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

After seeing Frank Murkowski's "Man With the Plan" ad in the Empire I feel compelled to comment. The Tuesday gubernatorial debate made it very clear that our junior senator does not have a plan to extract Alaska from the impending fiscal crisis. His "plan" consists of a few bumper sticker slogans that don't even begin to address the budget shortfalls facing the state.

Fran Ulmer has a detailed fiscal plan that she has been presenting around the state since early September. Fran's answers to questions in the debate show that she has spent a great deal of time working on a wide array of problems facing the state and formulating real-world solutions. Fran Ulmer is clearly the only candidate who is up to the daunting task of being Alaska's next governor. Please join me in voting for her on Nov. 5.

Tim Blust

Ulmer campaign volunteer


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