Let Fran lead

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

I am a fourth generation Alaskan, born and raised into a family that played an active role in the development of Alaska's history. My family's involvement in Alaska diversified through politics, the mining and fishing industries, hosting cultural events, supporting education, opening small businesses, and most importantly preserving family values.

I want to follow in my family's traditions with Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer leading the way. Growing up in Juneau with both of Fran's children in many of my classes, I had the opportunity to experience her exceptional involvement in education with her family. We grew together, with Fran as mayor, then as representative, and finally, as lieutenant governor. Her children and I finally made it through high school, with Fran always making herself visible in our high school and community.

After graduating from college I had the opportunity to work for the Alaska Legislature. I watched Fran's statewide involvement in urban and rural areas. I am constantly amazed with her knowledge and enthusiasm on every Alaska issue.

As a young professional pursuing a career in Alaska, my vote is for Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer. Not only does she have a strong economic plan the state can follow, Fran will devote her time and energy to the University of Alaska providing career opportunities for young adults.

I urge every Alaskan to vote in the general election on Nov. 5 for Fran Ulmer.

Jessica R. Etheridge


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