The state needs Frank

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

We received campaign information from the Democratic candidate for governor.

On her personal data sheet she bragged of being counted as one of the "Top 25 Most Powerful Alaskans." Usually when questioned about what she did about certain problems (ADOT's cutting snowplowing in numerous areas of the state for example), her reply is, "I have no power, I am only the lieutenant governor" (or she blames the administrative decision on the state Legislature). Given these kinds of answers, I question her leadership and ability to be Alaska's next governor.

All she seems to do is expound on what Frank Murkowski did or did not do. I hear nothing of what she has accomplished except for some liberal milk toast issues. When and for what has she stood up and fought for our economy and Alaskans? What has the lieutenant governor done for Alaska in the last eight years? Zero, zip, nothing! What is her vision for Alaska - more milk toast?

Frank Murkowski has a solid record of promoting and voting for the needs of Alaska's people and our economy. Frank Murkowski has the vision and demonstrated leadership ability to be Alaska's governor and to turn around Alaska's faltering economy. You, your family, your community, and your state need Frank Murkowski as Alaska's governor. Vote Frank Murkowski for governor.

Richard L. Coose


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