Vague references

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

After watching the Oct. 22 Ulmer-Murkowski debate, it became clear that Fran Ulmer is the best choice for our next governor.

Unlike her opponent, she knew all six propositions appearing on the ballot and clearly stated her position on each. She knew when it was her turn to ask a question and when a rebuttal was required, but most importantly, she was honest about the future of our fiscal situation and her numbers added up.

Alaskans will have some difficult choices to make in the next four years, and we need a leader who is not afraid to outline an honest plan to balance the budget. Frank Murkowski made vague references to income from new oil fields that have yet to be explored and hung his budget gap bailout on the future price of oil, uncertain at best. In contrast, Fran Ulmer put forth a concrete plan that would be implemented only when and if it becomes necessary. Although I am non-partisan, Fran Ulmer will have my vote on Nov. 5.

Russ Carey


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