Capitol, road unneeded

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, October 25, 2004

Showpiece architecture for a new capitol is a waste of money. Of all the expenses that could be accrued, Juneau should spend it on its youth.

Simple question: What is the best use of this money? Let's think of this with the highest moral reasoning. An addition to the north end of the current Capitol seems like a more reasonable long-term answer.

After all, there is only a slightly above-grade parking lot to the north of the Capitol currently. The simple stature, elegance, and history of our Capitol cannot be matched or improved upon, considering how high the cost of labor is these days. Let's celebrate what we already have as a community: a beautiful Capitol and a community full of students with potential.

We do not need to overextend ourselves by building a road beyond the problems already found within the current limits of town. Come on, let's get real. How many legislators are really going to commute in and out of Juneau during times of terrible driving conditions from faraway places in Alaska's Interior?

Josha Dupere

Eugene, Ore.

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