Lessons from Saddam Hussein

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, October 25, 2004

So much anger, so much hate, so much viciousness and aggressiveness. What is happening to our great nation? Are we losing or have we lost our common sense? Are we teaching our younger generation that in order to feel better about things and perhaps to please the grownups around us that that gives us the right to destroy, get even? So many people privileged to live and enjoy the great freedoms and opportunities of our great country; we are blessed and don't even know it or in some cases, even care.

In Colorado, Democratic registrations are being torn up or shredded, the Republican registrars and staff are only paying for each Republican registration. That the same is possibly happening in Oregon, according to the news, is even more revolting. Is this freedom?

A man loses his job because he exercised free speech at a Bush rally. A grieving mother who lost her son in Iraq is arrested and led away in handcuffs because she spoke up at a Laura Bush rally.

A soldier wounded in Iraq sent home and forced to live in his car because he could not afford to rent living quarters; the Pentagon was after him for over $2,700 because he hadn't fulfilled the time length of duty required by his enlistment bonus. The shame and degradation suffered by this poor soldier who performed selfless acts in Iraq to protect us should make our blood boil.

A Crawford, Texas, tiny weekly newspaper is in trouble because they endorsed John Kerry. Ads were pulled and the paper was banned from the stores. So much for free speech, or is that reserved only for Tom DeLay?

This administration has divided our country as never before. They have their own clans/corporations and God help anyone who doesn't fall within their lines. The air is reminiscent of the Saddam Hussein regime. I guess they took lessons from his regime. All we are missing are the killings and mass burials.

We really need a change.

Evelyn B. Butalla


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