A life-threatening budget proposal

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Republican budget proposal would slash $35 billion to $50 billion from vital national services for the poor and middle class, including Medicaid. Medically fragile elderly people have limited options in our community to spend their last years living safely and with dignity in their homes. Juneau has one licensed assisted living home with five beds, and one nursing home with a long waiting list. Both are unaffordable to the average elder and completely inaccessible to the elder on a fixed Social Security income. Medicaid is the primary source of payment for in-home care as well as nursing home care.

Congress must understand that services like Medicaid are irreplaceable for many of their constituents, and refuse to pass any budget plan that would leave our elders, who will soon include many of us, in life-threatening situations in their homes.

Janet Lumiansky


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