Message to Palin: Cute doesn't cut it

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Throughout this campaign, I have heard how Palin ducks the issues, but I didn't realize how serious this was until I read the "literature" she passed out at the recent school principals' conference in Anchorage.

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It scared me. Her "position paper" was a two-page rambling series of heart-warming anecdotes about her dad, written in the first-person and laced with spelling and grammatical errors. Not a single word about class size. Not a single word about the dropout situation. Not a single word about the complicated and controversial funding disparity among school districts. Not a single word about the pending financial crisis associated with increasing retirement contributions. Not a single word about a state initiative to give bonuses to schools where test scores rise. Not a single word about the University of Alaska.

Like Palin, I grew up in Alaska and did heart-warming outdoorsy things with my dad. Unlike Palin, I spent four years working in the governor's office (under Steve Cowper) and I've got news for her: Cute doesn't cut it. Running state government is a dead serious, extremely complex task, driven by myriad rulings, laws, policies, regulations and legislative negotiation - all of which affect the lives of real people. Palin has no substance or depth of understanding, and yet that is exactly what governing requires.

Bottom line: She's not qualified to run the state, and the evidence of that should make voters afraid, very afraid.

Laury Scandling


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