Knowles set regions against one another

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tony Knowles has the gall to remind Sarah Palin "that a governor must represent the whole state - not just one region." What hypocrisy he demonstrates.

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No statewide leader in our history has done more to tear at the social fabric of this great state than Knowles. Twice he gave part of our statehood entitlement back to the feds by dropping federal lawsuits because "it offends 15 percent of our population." What about the other 85 percent, Tony? For eight years he tried to set the "urban/rural divide" into concrete.

How? By changing Alaska's Constitution to give residents of one region of the state (rural) a priority over residents of the other (nonrural) for taking fish and wildlife and all other natural resources.

Tony lied when he said the priority was only in times of shortage - his attorney general explained to the Legislature that shortage means whenever there are regulations, i.e., all the time. Tony lied when he told the people it would get state management back. Instead the federal courts would manage, like they did in the 1989 Bobby case. That federal court emphasized that "need is not the standard."

Sarah understands the difficult problem and the arguments on both sides. Tony has consistently demonstrated an absolute and contemptuous bias.

Mary L. Bishop


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