Palin shows true colors in her wolf response

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gov. Sarah Palin flashed her true colors when responding to the aerial wolf shooting uproar in Anchorage last week. She didn't even wait for the KTUU "unscientific" poll to tell her what to say.

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Aerial wolf shooting is a circa 1960 "predator" control method that's as politically and scientifically incorrect as you can get in 2007. A wounded wolf thrashing around in agony on television upsets a lot of Americans. Using the right wing federalism argument to justify it doesn't sink in with children.

With every Alaska family of four about to receive $8,000 of Permanent Fund money with which to buy food, or whatever, the starvation argument doesn't play well either.

U.S. Rep. George Miller, D-California may not get his PAW Act passed, but the millions in earmarks ($254 million since 1998) funneled to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game might disappear.

No empathy for millions of California wolf-lovers could mean no more millions in free money. Independence comes with a price.

The Republican party will eventually figure out that its U.S. congressional delegation is powerless, and it will slowly swing in behind Palin as they realize she's the "go-to girl" in Alaska.

Sooner or later, Alaskans will get to see Palin flash her true colors on issues such as charter schools, church and state separation, abortion, stem cell research and national health insurance.

Palin will then start moving away from the political center and more to the right, and her KTUU alumni staff will start drifting away as they discover she's not so cool to be around anymore.

D. K. "Dan" Lilja

Former Juneau resident

San Diego, Calif.

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