Oil should provide for more jobs

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2007

These are my comments on Alaska Oil and Gas Association's Kara Moriarty's speech to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce touting "jobs not taxes." It has been well known for many years that many rural Alaskans did not get many of the jobs on building the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. That has not changed over the years. Very few minorities work on the North Slope now.

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Many jobs are held by outsiders, and they commute from as far away as Minnesota and the south. That is not right when you look at a village-by-village unemployment rate throughout the life of the oil pipeline.

How are the oil industry and the state going to make sure that more jobs go to Alaskans all across Alaska?

Finally, how much money have the oil companies made since the pipeline was paid for? No one ever mentions that, and in addition, that is our oil, not theirs.

Nels Anderson Jr.


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