Keep yourself squeaky clean if you want to run for office

Posted: Monday, October 25, 2010

According to Senator Mark Begich, 60 percent of Alaskans are dependent upon the federal government for health care. I assume all other states are in a similar situation regarding their health care. If food stamps, disability payments, Medicare, Medicaid, mortgage and banking guarantees, and the myriad of other federally sponsored programs were factored in, the percentage of dependent people would be much higher.

Our state has been the recipient of $1.9 billion already. This is good? Good or not, it has become necessary because we now "owe our soul to the company store." What does that mean? It means we are no longer free to vote for a person when they stand for fiscal responsibility and a lean, more efficient government. We must continue to elect the person with the most seniority and clout who can bring home more bacon. Hasn't anyone noticed? There is no bacon in Washington and there hasn't been any bacon for a long time. The cupboard is bare. I suggest we try something else. Maybe this is the time to begin cutting ourselves free from dependence upon the "bacon that isn't there." Painful and scary are the words that come to mind when I think about not having the government care for my every need. Gradual change would be nice, you know like the gradual changes that got us to this point.

A word of warning for anyone who may at some point decide to run for public office. If you have never taken a government handout, even when you thought there was plenty of bacon, you are a saint - excuse me, I meant to say you are eligible. Please raise your hand if you have never made a personal phone call, worked on a Mary Kay order, made a master copy of your Christmas letter, called Problem Corner, left the office to shop or vote, used equipment or supplies, watched porn on your computer or done anything on company time that you would rather your boss not know about. Congratulations, you are eligible.

Young people, I want to caution you about dabbling in all the vampire stuff on television and the movies as it may come back to haunt you. Remain squeaky clean just in case you may decide to serve your country in some way as you mature.

Is the Juneau Empire really neutral when it comes to politics, giving all the candidates equal treatment? Well, I have been clipping, stacking and noting articles. It has been very enlightening. Attacks against Joe Miller and his refusal to "answer personal questions" are more frequent, on the front page and with bold headlines. Questions Lisa Murkowski has refused to answer regarding the financing of her campaign are found on page 3, small headlines. I'm sure that is just a coincidence, but I'm still clipping and stacking.

Kathleen Schmitz


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