Murkowski is already creating jobs

Posted: Monday, October 25, 2010

It seems to me that Scott McAdams has developed his platform on job creation by watching Lisa Murkowski do hers in the United States Senate.

McAdams would repeal the requirement for businesses to file a 1099 form every time they spend $600. That's nice. Murkowski listed that as a reason for opposing President Barack Obama's health care bill last year and as one reason she supports repeal.

McAdams would expand the Small Business Administration's presence in Alaska. Sorry, but she beat you to it. McAdams would continue President George W. Bush's tax cuts for everyone but small business owners who create jobs. OK, you've got me there. Murkowski supports continuing tax cuts for everyone, including job creators. McAdams wants to make sure Alaskans have access to job training. Late again - Murkowski has provided more than $1 million in just the last couple of years to job training centers all across Alaska.

Tell me again - why do we need McAdams when we have Murkowski?

Tor Wallen


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