No caribou to view


Posted: Thursday, October 26, 2000

Please support Proposition 1. Opponents claim that ADF&G opposes the measure. Is that why area biologists are under a gag order? Every Alaska wildlife biologist I have spoken with supports ballot measure 1. They recognize the danger to the resource by having what should be a scientific biological decision decided by confusing ad campaigns by those with the deepest pockets.

This was the single most consensus-building issue between rural-Native and urban legislators last year. When Sen. Rick Halford and Sen. Pete Kelly are welcomed in McGrath as heroes when building a coalition on this issue, it really says something. People that have been at odds with each other for years on the subsistence issue worked hand in hand to pass this measure. We all realize that if we cannot manage the predator-prey ratio there will be no moose or caribou to feed our families or for tourists to view. Let's let Alaskans make decisions for Alaskans through the board process. Ballot box biology is not in the best interest of the resources of this state, or our citizens. It will remain illegal to shoot wolves from airplanes if this passes. Do not be misled!

Rep. Scott Ogan


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