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Posted: Thursday, October 26, 2000

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I pay $75 a month for cable service and came home last night to watch the World Series and my cable box doesn't work and the cable company says there's nothing that can be done about it until the next morning. For this I pay $75 a month?

There are whole days when channels 15 and 21 go blank on GCI's cable network. Why do we still have to pay for it?

It's interesting when people say marijuana is not a dangerous drug and that it has medical properties. So does alcohol, "a glass of wine a day," etc. But if marijuana is not harmful, why do kids' grades plummet, why do people's hygiene become forgotten, why do they stop getting involved in the community, stop sports, hobbies and just lay around and do nothing if marijuana is not harmful?

I'd like everybody who does like the harmless herb of marijuana to get out there and vote. They're already bringing out the big guns and Murkowski is bringing his big money from down South to shoot at us, to blame us for doing something wrong and they're grouping marijuana with all the other drugs like they always do.

I hope taxpayers won't be ripped off on this North Douglas golf course.

I am a disabled veteran who served in Vietnam. George W. Bush as commander in chief of this country would be an insult to every veteran of the armed forces and everyone serving now. George W. Bush never attended any kind of basic training. He was given preferential treatment in the 1960s due to his father's influence. He was appointed a lieutenant in the Texas Air National Guard and after one year of service he effectively went AWOL to serve in a senator's campaign in Alabama. He is a disgrace to the military and what it stands for and he would be an affront to every veteran who ever served.

The first meeting of the flightseeing noise mediation process will be Oct. 27 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Douglas Library meeting room. Everyone is welcome to attend and make their concerns known.

Rep. Hudson sounds like former legislator Jim Duncan, always trying to find a creative way to get their fingers on the Permanent Fund money. How about a state income tax or a school tax?

Hats off to Ron Maas for starting that new big band Thunder Mountain. The music is great and we had a ball at the AWARE dance Saturday night.

It seems unusual to me that people in Southeast Alaska are against same-day airborne hunting on Proposition 6 but at the same time, same-day airborne is legal on deer and has been for years. People who formerly sat on the board from Southeast pushed for a January season that allows people to land and shoot a deer and take off but want to make it illegal for the people in the Interior to do the same thing with predators.

To whoever took our pumpkin from our doorstep on Basin Road and smashed it before it was carved, I hope your toes turn to mold on All Hallows Eve.

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