Neighbors Letter

Posted: Friday, October 26, 2001

After I placed my announcement in your paper regarding the dedication of a chair inscribed "Knockers Up! Love, Gay Dawn," to be placed in the audience section of the Perseverance Theatre, I was pleased to receive so many nice letters from other grieving people also desperate to search out ways to ease their pain. The very first person to contact me was a stranger: Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer. I was impressed by a woman who could have easily had a secretary toss a note off to me, but Ms. Ulmer chose to reach out and razor-cut in one quick sentence straight to the heart of my intentions by writing "the tribute to your mother is wonderful!"

Any person who demonstrates the intelligence and compassion to care for a stranger with no thought of recognition deserves to be the governor of Alaska. As far as I'm concerned, Martin Sheen can move over from "West Wing" because I have a real-live hero!

Gayleen Hays

Sequim, Wash.

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